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Who is John

Am John Kimani Macharia

My role is to integrating social performance management into their strategy, operations and transform an organization to be competitive enabled; I pride myself in my ability to combine technical expertise with business acumen and this ability lacks in many organization so in that sense I am able to speak the language of the business and even propose ways to grow the business while at the same time providing guidance on marketing strategies through increasing efficiency of the company; OUTPUT COST/ INPUT COST = EFFICIENCY. This implies that I usually try as much as possible to minimize on input cost and try to maximize on output gross benefit. I choose my battles and I fight the battles I can win and those that need to be fought. But when I believe in something I fight for it. I might not win, but I like to make my stand on issues clear. I enjoy the process of building a high performing team. They are the wind beneath my wings and they keep me flying higher. My parents are my moral compass, using which I test my values and my standing and without which I would not have succeeded in leading people future plans in the long-term, I plans to help formulate policies that will facilitate and create an enabling environment for the growth of a company by enhancing, Identifying, qualifying and securing business opportunities by cultivating and maintaining mutually beneficial business relationships with current and potential clients. And finally, I actively research on potential person and pursue new business relationships in a modern ways.